Repair Work

Set-up (adjust truss-rod, nut and bridge saddles)   £40
Level & re-profile frets (inc. full set-up)   £90
Re-fret (choice of fret-wire/profile) from   £120
Fretless conversion (choice of line inserts and finish) from   £120
Pickup installations from   £50 + parts
Routing work from   £60
Headstock breaks from   £140
Body repairs from   £60

Please contact us if there is a specific repair not listed on the list above. All repair work is calculated on an individual basis, therefore the list above serves only as a guide as repair work can vary enormously.

Please note that at the moment we do not offer a re-spray service.

  • Quotes are subject to alteration on an individual consultation basis
  • Strings not included in above prices
  • Labour is charged at £45 per hour for all other services
  • VAT is calculated on completion on all repair work